Learn to drive with our driving school serving the greater Cape Cod area.

On weekdays, receive door-to-door service for driving lessons from the Bridges to the Orleans Rotary.

  • Adult Driving Lesson

    A one-hour private driving lesson is perfect if you are looking to refresh your skills before taking the road test, assess your driving skills, become more comfortable behind the wheel, or just improve your driving skills. Start by enrolling for one lesson. After your first lesson which will contain a mini evaluation to see what needs to be improved, you can continue to book more lessons or plan to schedule a road test. 

  • Sponsorship Road Test for Adults

    • Private 1-Hour Lesson
    • Road Test Sponsorship

    Adult drivers who have not completed the Full Driver Education Program (50 hours) with us must complete at least one driving lesson before being scheduled for a road test.

    During that lesson, you will be evaluated. If you are road test ready, you may be added to the list to schedule a road test. Otherwise, you may continue to practice or book more sessions until you are ready. 

    Please do not ask for your road test time slot if you have not completed the one-hour driving lesson. Upon registration completion and payment, you can schedule your one-hour lesson in your Student Center as soon as possible.

  • Competency Evaluation

    • 90-minute competency evaluation (1-hour driving and a 30-minute conference)

    Competency evaluations can be done at the request of a medical professional or by choice. There is not always a medical reason for the evaluation. The evaluation can be conducted with just the driver or with additional family members to discuss our findings. You will receive a paper copy of our findings that you can share with the doctor. We will not share the evaluation results with anyone outside of the meeting without the driver's consent.

    A valid permit or driver's license is required to register and schedule the evaluation.