Do you offer a payment plan?

For one day services (adult driving hours, sponsorship, tutoring) we do not offer payment plans. For our full driver's ed program we do offer payment plans. After your initial deposit we as for $100 a month until you are paid in full or until you have completed 6 hours of driving at which point your balance must be paid in full in order for you to continue driving with us. 

That payment plan is flexible. If you would like to enter into any specific agreement we are willing to work with you. Please call the office and ask for a manager. We are happy to help. 

Do you charge a cancellation fee for driving hours?

If you fail to show up for a lesson, do not have a valid permit, or do not cancel or reschedule on our website at least 24-hour advance, you will be charged a late cancellation fee.

Special Consideration

I require certain car modifications. Can I drive with you?

We can help with things like mirror restrictions. However, we are not equiped to teach anything that requires permanent modifications to the car. We do not offer lessons with hand controls or reversed foot pedals. 

We have helped students with limited vision, cerebral palsy, prosthetics, and sensory input disorders. Call for more details, and we will do our best to help you or direct you to someone who can.

Could I do some lessons with you in my personal vehicle?

No. Our cars have specialty technology and insurance. We are not able to conduct lessons or road tests in any vehicles but our own. 

My child has a special education plan at school will you follow that in class?

We are not affliliated with your child's school. We wont have any information about their diagnoses or needs unless you tell us. Please send a copy of any relevant documents or a brief email summary before their scheduled class so that we can make a plan. 

We try to be as accommodating and inclusive as possible. We do our best to honor the accommodations of most IEP and 504 plans with rare exceptions, like when prohibited by state law.

  • Students may not use electronics in class, including phones, headphones, cameras, computers, or audio recording devices. If necessary, please contact the office to discuss alternatives.
  • Parents and others who are not enrolled in Grand Prix as students cannot attend or assist in class.
  • Students must take a class in at least three hours and 15-minute blocks (including a 15-minute break).
  • Contact us to set up accommodations for testing, attendance, note-taking, or anything else. Take these steps before class starts.

Email us or call and ask to speak with our special education coordinator, Lauren, to make a personalized plan for you. 


I dont speak english- can you teach me how to drive?

We do not currently have an bilingual driving instructors at the moment. However, we work with non-english or limited english speakers every day. 

They use a variety of cue cards, diagrams, and written virtual translators. 

Sometimes it is also possible that a family member attend the driving lesson to be used as a translator. This is not always an option due to scheduling and would need to be approved by the office and instructor ahead of time.

I cant see any hours posted online for me

Lessons for our adult clients are only booked over the phone. The website is where you will be able to enroll, pay, and view your appointments. To actually schedule, please call the office so that we can build an hour for you. 

How do I start Adult behind-the-wheel lessons?

You can start driving lessons any time as long as you have a valid learner permit or driver's license. You can schedule driving lessons onover the phone once you have registered and paid in full on our website. 

Road Tests

Can you take me on a road test that I've booked?

In order to do a road test with Grand Prix you need to have taken atleast one lesson with us first before we will agree to take you on a road test or reserve your road test appointment time. 

Typically if you would like a road test with us, then we will book it for you on a weekend, when we are already there with other students. 

If you would like to keep the appointment you've booked yourself, it would have to be on a school day before 1pm at the South Yarmouth RMV. If an instructor is available we would be able to take you for a fee of $200. That includes the use of the car for the exam and a 30minute lesson on the day. You would need to arrange your own transportation to and from the RMV. 

When will my road test be?

If you choose to be Sponsored by Grand Prix, we offer road tests approximately every 3 weeks. That is dependent on how many people sign up as well as instructor and the RMV's availability. 

Once we have 20-30 people signed up we submit a request for road tests on a Monday. The RMV will confirm or deny the test on Friday then you would get your date and time emailed to you over the weekend and your exam would be approximately 7 days later. Tests are usually done on a Saturday, but could also be scheduled on a Sunday. We do not control the date of your exam. Road tests are generally between 7am and noon. Warmups can start as early as 6am.  There are no refunds if you cannot go on the day your test is scheduled for. So please call the office for a more specific timeline if may have a conflict.

Can I use your car for my road test?

Grand Prix students may choose to have their road test scheduled through Grand Prix and use our car for the road test. That is called Sponsorship and can be booked on our website. You would recieve a lesson on the day of the road test and be able to use our car for the test itself. 

Parent Class

Who can attend a Parent Class

Any student under 18years old must have a valid Parent Class on file in order to start driving. 

One adult is required, both are welcome. In cases where a parent is unable to attend they may send in a Designee in their place. Ideally whoever attends the class will also be the person who will be practicing with them or coordinating their driver education. 


I have already taken Parent Class do I need to take it again?

Parent's Class is valid for 5 years. As long as your younger child has started their classroom before 5 years has passed you can apply your class to their account. If you took class at Grand Prix, just inform us that your two children are related and will will update the account. If you took Parent Class elsewhere- get us the Letter of Parental Completion and we will credit the account. 

I took Parent Class before with my older child how can I get the proof?

If your older child and your current child are both attending Grand Prix, we can look it up internally we do not need documentation. 

If your older child went to Grand Prix and your current child is attending another driving school you just need to produce your letter of Parental Completion. This was given to you when you attended class in your Parent Packet. If you attended an online session it would have been emailed to you.

We can also make you another copy for $30 which can be mailed or picked up at our Hyannis office. 


What is the address of your classroom locations?

Our Hyannis office is 11 Enterprise Rd in Hyannis. 

Our Falmouth classroom is 205 Worcester Court Falmouth. Our space is around in the back of the building. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Students can make up classes that they miss provided that they make up that same numbered session. Morning sessions are odd numbered and after lunch classes are even. Missed classes can be made up without penalty. Partial classes (late arrivals or early dismissals) will recieve no credit and would need to make up the full 3hr session. 

No students are allowed to attend an online class as a makeup student. 

Do I need a permit to start classes?

You do not need to have a permit to start the classroom portion of driver ed. You must have a permit before you can complete any in the car training.

What happens during the lunch break?

The morning class ends at 11:30 and the afternoon class picks up at 12:15 during any of our in person classes. Students are welcome to stay in the classroom or welcome to leave. Both of our classroom locations are walking distance to multiple restaurants or within the delivery range of multiple food options. We are not responsible for your child if they choose to leave during that time. 


What is the youngest age that I can start driver's ed?

You can start the classroom portion of driver's ed when you are 15 years and 9 months old. That must be exact by the first day of the class session, not the first day that you attend. 

What is your bad weather cancellation policy?

We not to cancel lessons due to bad weather. You will eventually need to know how to control yourself in bad weather and it is safer for you to learn those skills in our car with the additional safety equipment, insurance, and instructor. 

If you think you may like to cancel check the weather in the days leading up to your appointment so that you may always cancel without a fee.

If we need to cancel because conditions become to hazardous we will first give you a call and then cancel your lesson on the website and you will automatically be notified via email.

Can I drive with a electronic copy of my permit?

No. You must download the permit from the RMV's website and then print it out on a standard sheet of paper. It cannot be electronic. It also cannot be altered in any way (cut, laminated, written on).

The RMV can also print you out a copy in the branch.

Will you pickup students at the ferry to Martha's Vineyard?

Island Students will usually have a default pick up and drop off at the Palmer Ave bus station. 

What specialty equipment is in the driver ed car?

All our cars are equiped with an instructor brake. Some of our vehicles also have an instructor gas pedal. We have specialty eye mirrors and the additional signage on the exterior.

How long does it take to complete driver ed?

The driver's education program is designed to take 6 months. That is the minimum amount of time that Junior Operators must legally hold a learner's permit. It is also considered best practice to spread the hours out to give families time to practice new skills in between lessons. It is possible to finish faster than that however the estimated completion time depends on scheduling flexibility, instructor availability, location, and skill level.


Can I complete my driving hours with Grand Prix if I took classroom portion elsewhere?

We accept transfer students on a case by case basis depending on the student's location and the time of year. If you have started any of your drive times you would need to start over unless you have proof of a recent move. Please call to inquire about your specific situations.

Does classroom have to be completed to start behind-the-wheel?

If you are under 18 after you have;

  1. completed the classroom sessions
  2. passed your final 
  3. have your permit
  4. have a valid parent class on file

Then you can schedule your driving lessons through our website.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my driving lesson?

Should you need to reschedule a lesson, you may do so by logging into your account on our website. You must cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee.

Do you offer home pick-up and drop-off?

Monday-Friday appointments can be scheduled with door to door service from most locations on Cape from the Bridge to the Orleans rotary. Weekend lessons are booked from a predetermined location. You would need to meet us and arrange your own transportation to and from those lessons.

What do I need to bring to my driving hour?

Please bring a paper copy of your learner's permit. Electrionic copies are not acceptable.

Also please bring your yellow driving record you recieved during your classroom portion. If you did not attend an in-person classroom- we will give you the record during your first driving lesson. 

No flipflops in the car and please wear clothes that you feel comfortable bending and twisting in. 

How far in advance do you schedule driving hours?

We book two weeks at a time. The week we are currently in and then one week in advance. The new schedule gets released Monday at 3pm. 

When do new driving hours get released?

Driving hours are released every Monday at 3 pm for the following week. 

How long will my first lesson be?

Your first six sessions will consist of one hour of driving and one hour of observation. 

What about lessons during the school day?

We will automatically post all after-school and weekend hours to our website on Monday at 3 pm. Those hours will be released on Tuesday at noon if you are available during the school day. Please call if you do not see a school-day appointment that works for you. We may be able to move instructors around to fit your schedule.

Can I drive on the same day as my classroom session?

You cannot complete a driving hour with Grand Prix on the same day that you take a class with us. You are only allowed a maximum of six hours of instruction per day.

Can I have two behind-the-wheel lessons on the same day?

By law, students can only receive two hours of on-road instruction each day. You may book a two-hour session if the schedule allows, but you may not book two separate appointments on the same day.

Can I book a set time every week?

No. Our instructors make their own schedules, which vary from week to week. We do not offer standing appointments. 

Exception- Riverview School students will have a regular weekly appointment arranged through the transportation coordinator.